Welcome to the blog, I enjoy blogging about crypto currencies, online gaming, & PC building, I also mine as a hobbiest with a small system that I use just to learn about certain coins  and I help friends start up a few websites should the desire arrise. I am by no means a professional crypto currency trader so understand my posts and opinions are of my own experience and not a recommendation. 

Outside of Web Design, Gaming, and Blogging, I am also a songwriter working with a team of music producers that enjoy creating music.

Notice: While My Posts May Be Related to Crypto Currencies I am in no way a financial adviser or expert in trading crypto currency please talk to a qualified expert these posts are from a personal experience and should not be taken as financial advice!


With an ever changing world where we deal with online purchasing and fiat money its given me a new prospective when I discovered Crypto Currency Investing, and it feels good to be able to hold onto something knowing it may be worth something many years into the future.
So  my goal is to collect and hold a a few coins and trade others to earn a living either by mining or by buying during the lows and selling on the highs the process will be a learning experience as I try to build a portfolio that could have a profound change to my life in years to come.

Maybe One Day I will be able to sell albums on my website with bitcoin or litecoin and have a dynamicly adjusting value to ensure the value always matches a Fiat Price.

Complete music release projects with the
DJ Mar N Dean team in 2018 I have a few new releases in the works but have grown a small roster of tracks on Songtradr to keep my music active even though I have not been the most musically active in the team of late there is so much to do.

Take my health more serious and start getting out walking more! Its been some time since I did a lot of cardio time to get in shape once again!

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