The cootason network is at its core a blog site written by a front end web designer blogging about gaming, crypto currency’s and music production right here on cootason. scroll down to read about my recent projects and my clients sites I have built on the cootason network to help get them up and running with their own blog or website. was created by
Dean Barrett. 

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These are the current web development projects I am actively involved with.
currently we are migrating websites to the network streamlining maintenance and updates.
Bringing Stable Secure & Low Maintenance Solutions to Web Design.

Micheal Barrett

DJ Mar N Dean takes a hobby approach to web design which is why his main focus is on small websites such as blogs and artist pages for music producers. if you would like to have a website designed or templates that you can load into your WordPress website send me an email and I will get back to you, [email protected](dot)com 

The Music

I still create music with my Team and have recently released “Reaching The Stars” on Bandcamp! was created by Dean Barrett in 2017 as a blog but later realized as more and more projects were picking up centralizing his projects on one multisite helped keep maintenance low. without breaking the bank.
I love creating custom websites in my spare time when not creating websites I am learning about technology and writing music.

“Latest Talent From DJ Mar N Dean”

‘Dean Barrett’